"Messiah" Jacksonville Symphony
December 17, 2021
Agata Szymczewska, violin Polish Wieniawski Philharmonic Orchestra January 15, 2022 Teatro Lirico D'Europa Tenors & Divas
January 29, 2022
February 4, 2022 Teatro Lirico D'Europa
Russian National Orchestra
February 11, 2022 Alexander Malofeev, piano
State Ensemble of the Republic of Sakha Siberian Virtuosi
March 27, 2022

Slide Contributors Conductor Circle Maestro Circle Grand Maestro Circle Dr. Oscar & Carol Carbonell
Gertrud & Jean Max Corvington
Mrs. Phylicia Doig
Dr. & Mrs. Edward Kupic
Ina & Tina Ross Family Fund
Evelyn Shapiro
David & Antoinette Slick
Mary Lou Thompson
Weekley & Arganbright
Julius & Becky Erlenbach
Betty Hodkinson
Contributors Dorothy Allison
Mr. & Mrs. Romain F. Bastian
Catherine Bauerle
Rebecca & Michael Becker
Eleanor Callon
Charles Combopiano
Bill & Sue Fillion
Gregory & Linda Fritze
James E. Gibbs, MD
Richard & Sandra Gosch
Rose Grace & Stephen Halpern
Lynda & John Hodgson
Lucy & Bob Jackman
Dick & Lois Clark Loesch
Bert & Ann Meine
Gina Millar
Shirley & Mahyar Okhovatian
Brandon & Lisa Perry
Dr. Douglas Peterson & Pamela Hansen-Peterson
John & Sharon Phelps
Christine & Louis Seno
Deb Smith
Maggie Thompson
Angelo & Kathy Tompros
Pamela & Gary Wilkins
Margaret Yaeger
Virtuoso Circle Contributors Drake M. Davis & Elaine Carlini-Davis
Lila Griggs
Mary Ann Singer
Concertmaster Circle Aaron & Francine Chorost
Dennis Sobeck

Principal Circle Anonymous
Brad & Tami Factor
Robert F. Evans
In Memory of David Williams
-- Amy & Glen Gottlieb
Rudolph Habermann, Jr.
In Memory of David Williams
-- Charlotte Hart

Tracy Killeen
Holly Ann Hogan-Matthews
Richard Moore
Yolanda Reilly
Stuart Sixma - Morgan Stanley
Bev Skillicorn
Dr. Robert & Barbara Young
Soloist Circle Amazon Smile
Ginny Billingsley
Marcia & David Gitelman
Charlotte Mueller
Judy A. Reiker

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