Kudos to the Daytona Beach Symphony Society and Barbara and Buzzy Glickstein for bringing in the Haifa Symphony Orchestra to the Peabody Auditorium.

It definitely was an afternoon to remember.

The orchestra from Haifa was just fantastic. The pianist, Roman Rabinovich, who I understand was in his 20s, was a genius. His hands flew that at some point you couldn’t even tell where his fingers were. You could feel the emotion of the music as he played. To play from memory, as he did, was breathtaking.

The conductor was just charming. When he said, as an encore, that he was bringing a gift from Israel, and then had a violinist play the theme song from “Schindler’s List” — this was even more special considering Monday was International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Many in the audience had tears in their eyes. My dear father, of blessed memory, during this terrible period lost all his relatives. I just can’t imagine what jewels were lost to the world, who perished during this horrible time in history.

The people of Israel desire peace and after seeing this performance all I can say is thank G-d, the people of Israel live and thrive.

Gloria Max

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